10 Powerful Email Campaigns To Pull In New Customers


The internet is used by businesses in many different ways to reach their target customer base. The gap between the target customer and the marketplace (online, specifically) is getting closer with the help of digital marketing. Using email marketing is also considered a good practice in today’s day and age.

If you are an e-commerce website owner, you can get domain hosting in NZ, which allows you to use your website domain name in your business email addresses. This makes your brand more palpable and evident, increasing your authenticity. With good NZ email hosting services, you can make email marketing a successful venture for your business.

10 Eminent Email Campaigns

1. Welcome Onboard Emails

When the user interacts with your website for the first time, send a “Welcome!” email. This will make your customers feel welcomed and acknowledge their presence or participation in your brand.

2. Send Trigger Emails

There are many types of set-off or trigger emails that you need to send to your users. These emails can be onboarding emails once the user logs in, reminder emails if the cart is left untouched with some products in it, confirmation emails when the user purchases something, receipt emails indicating the payment status, and also the delivery status emails of the purchased product.

3. Re-Interaction Emails

If you or your monitoring tools observe that some users have been inactive lately, you can send them engagement emails to remind them of the company and its latest developments.

4. Discount and Offers Emails

Opening the mail application, the first thing one sees is a discount! This is a really attractive thing for people who enjoy shopping. Discount mail is one of the best email campaign services that garner the most conversion rates.

5. Holiday Emails

Holiday or special days email can help keep you connected with your customers. Choose the ones that are relevant to the majority of your customers and send them emails wishing happy thoughts and best wishes.

6. Personalized Emails

Birthday emails, subscribers’ favorite product emails, or other personalized emails are really useful for creating and maintaining a bond with your customers.

7. Survey and Feedback Emails

A survey or feedback can do wonders for you. Emailing these feedback forms with the intent of understanding your customer is a really good campaign that can help you improve.

8. Business Update Emails

Let your users know what the company has been up to lately. Updating your customers on any major or minor business changes can make them feel part of your brand.

9. Product Info Emails

If you are working towards creating a supplementary product, updating the users about it is important. So, you can email your customers about the product details and changes.

10. Giveaway Emails

You can randomly choose some subscribers and give them something in the form of a giveaway or ask them to participate in a contest, and whoever wins will get a free giveaway! These email campaign services are really successful.


It is necessary to have a clear objective for your email campaign. Once you are sorted with the objective of sending the emails, for example, revenue generation, product awareness, traffic generation or lead nurturing, it gets easier to get engagement and conversion.

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